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Dun Fur Fun Booth 003
Dun Fur Fun Booth 002
Mandella 2a
Made on a 25 inch ring, backer is leather,wrapping is leather, fur is Rabbit fur,beads are glass crow beads,center piece is a small smoking hawk, feathers are chinchella hackles, and wool is from mountian sheep, all natural products that were available pre 1840's.

Thunderbird 001
Thunderbird 002
Mandella 001
Warrior Shield 001
Warrior Shield 002
Dreamcatcher 001
Dreamcatcher 002
Dreamcatcher 003
Dreamcatcher 004
Dreamcatcher 005
Dreamcatcher 006
Dreamcatcher 007
Dreamcatcher 008
Dreamcatcher 009
Dreamcatcher 010
Dreamcatcher 011
Indian Angel 001
Here we are at our booth at the TRAIL OF COURAGE Living History Festival in 2001.
Since 1976, on the banks of the Tippecanoe River in Indiana, visitors have been coming here to see what frontier life was like. With the historic encampments of the French & Indian War, Revolutionary War, Plains Indians, Woodland Indians, and Chippeway Village, you can experience life as it was back then.
In keeping with tradition, our crafts are as close to authentic as possible.
Some Native Americans would hang a "Man-del-la" in their lodge. It was made from hides, fur, and wool of animals. They were decorated with beads, feathers and sometimes had pictures painted on them. The Mandella was thought to bring good luck, good health, and prosperity to those who lived in, or visited the lodge
Ancient Indian Legend
The Earth was destroyed by fire..
The "Phoenix" rose up from the ashes and Created new Life..
Some Native Americans related this to the Eagle, that was called a "Thunderbird".
Pictured  here from the front and pictured below from the side to show the 3-D detail, ours are Handcrafted of pine wood, and decorated with feathers and beads.. It has a 20" wingspan and is 17" tall, and is available in Terra-cotta, Black and White, Terra-cotta and Black umber, Misty Mauve, White and Turquoise, light and dark in combination.
Please allow two weeks for special colors.

Warrior Shield
Some warriors would make shields of raw hide strapped to their arm to ward off arrows, knives, and tommahawks. These were painted and decorated with feathers and beads. We modified the shield to become a wall hanging.
"The Dreamcatcher Legend"
Native Americans believe...
Dreamcatchers are spiderweb-like objects, which are placed near your head while sleeping. Bad dreams are caught and held by the web until destroyed by the first rays of the sun. Good dreams find their way through the hole and enter the personel life of the dreamer
to only have good dreams.
Made on a 16" diameter ring with "The End Of The Trail" hand painted on leather, glass crow beads and Furnace hackle feathers, Mountian sheep wool, and wooden beads, pheasant feathers accent the wool and wooden beads.
Warrior Shield
This one has a Wolf, scroll saw cutout, on black leather, and decorated with beads and feathers.
11" diameter ring
Warrior Shield
An Eagle cutout is in the center of this Warrior Shield, with furnace hackle feathers, French brass trade beads and glass crow beads are used in the decoration. 11" diameter ring.
This Dreamcatcher was made using white doeskin with an Eagle cutout tied into the web. Blue Slate feathers and glass beads finish it out.
9" diameter ring
Dreamcatchers come in all colors and sizes. Here is just a sample of what we have to offer.
Prices are as follows:
7" diameter ring $14.00
6" diameter ring $12.00
4" diameter ring $8.00
3" diameter ring $6.00
Blue Doeskin is used to wrap this one. Beads are glass and the feathers are hackle feathers that are dyed black.
This Dreamcatcher is red Doeskin with natural hackle feathers and glass beads. The web as is true of all our dreamcatchers is hand woven of sinew.
A 4" diameter Dreamcatcher wrapped with turquoise leather, has a medicine bear woven into the web, glass crow beads and natural chinchella feathers.
This Dreamcatcher is wrapped with black doeskin, glass crow beads are Sioux white and black with natural hackle feathers.
This is a 3" Dreamcatcher wrapped in brown Doeskin, a turquoise nugget is woven into the web, glass crow beads with natural hackle feathers.
This is a 3" Dreamcatcher wrapped in brown Doeskin with a hemitite nugget, called the Healing Stone, French brass trade beads, and glass crow beads with natural furnace hackle feathers.
This is a 3" Dreamcatcher with tan Doeskin and hand woven web of sinew, a hemitite nugget woven into the web, glass crow beads and natural hackle feathers.
This is a 3" Dreamcatcher with white Doeskin, a Tiger Eye nugget is woven into the web. Glass crow beads and natural hackle feathers.
This is a 3" Dreamcatcher wrapped in tan Doeskin with a Tiger Eye woven into the web, glass crow beads and natural hackle feathers.
This is a 3" white Doeskin with a Tiger Eye woven in the web, glass beads and natural feathers.
Indian Angel
An Indian Angel, her shawl is white Rabbit fur, her crown is French Brass Trade Beads, the feathers are furnace hackle. 9 1/2" high
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