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Hand Painted Shirts
These are just some of the shirts designed and hand painted by Katie.  Katie is a student at UNCC in North Carolina and helps pay her way with these unique garments.  She celebrates holidays and cheers on the home team with these original designs.  Items on this page are priced from $15 -$25 and are subject to availabillity.  Please contact us at 1-800-440-2191 or 704-694-2191 or you can send an e-mail for more information and to place an order.

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Printed Shirts
Color Book Designs By Marie
Hand Painted Baby Bearcat Shirts 0001By Katie
Hand Painted Bearcat Shirt 0002 By Katie
Hand Painted Bearcat Shirt 0003 By Katie
Painted Bearcat Shirt 0004 By Katie
Painted Bearcat Shirt 0005 By Katie
Painted Bearcat Shirt 0006 By Katie
Painted Bearcat Shirt 0007 By Katie
Painted Bearcat Shirt 0008 By Katie
Painted Bearcat Shirt 0009 By Katie
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Painted Fall Shirt 0001 By Katie
Painted Fall Shirt 0002 By Katie
Painted Christmas Shirt 0001 from WSO
Painted Christmas Shirt 0002 from WSO
Painted Christmas Shirt 0003 from WSO
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